Baby Soft Washlets

Hey Gorgeous!

So this product was recently launched here in South Africa, and I have been using it easily for the last 4 months. Now I’m not sure if you ladies are like me and just have to have wet wipes, sanitizer and feminine wipe in your bag. For me these are items I cannot live without, I would rather leave behind my makeup than these things.


So the packaging is not exactly a clutch purse friendly size like the usual feminine wipes by lil lets (my favs) but these smell amazing and really feel like cotton, so gentle , I really love them. I’ve even used these to remove or fix makeup on the go and since my skin is so sensitive its like using water and a cloth , except it smells fresh.

They stay wet and don’t dry up on me, I had my first pack for just over 3 weeks and not 1 single washlet dried out, which is amazing!

So overall these get a 4/5 from me because the only down side is that they are not very discreet the packaging is a bit too big to grab and go like the normal lady wipes, but I don’t mind having to take some out of the packaging at my desk (for e.g.).

When in a public toilet they have come in handy more often than not when there is no attendant around and it seems like she took all the toilet paper with her when she went on break lol. Not only that but they allow me to clean the seats.

1. Decent package

2. Great fragrance

3. Gentle


I hope you’ve enjoyed and have a stunning day butiful!



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