Boxycharm : You can get it now in South Africa too

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Hi There and welcome back!

So I recently got my first boxycharm subscription box in South Africa and let me tell you how.

The process will seem a bit daunting but it’s really simple

First off you need to create an account on AramexGlobalShopper. 

If you happen to be an FNB customer with a cheque or credit card you can get a free lifetime membership

To redeem your FREE lifetime membership, please enter your unique promo code when signing up:

The first six digits of any of your FNB cards, followed by the word ‘SAVE’. E.g. 123456SAVE

Once you have done this and your aramex account is active , now you sign up to boxycharm here.

Complete your details and use the Aramex Global address they provide for US shipments. I didn’t opt for the auto ship option so that I can control money being deducted from my account, and also because FNB again has offered us a discount on shipping see below.

Get R75 off your shipping fee by entering your unique promo code on check out:

The first six digits of any of your FNB cards, followed by the word ‘SHIP’. E.g. 123456SHIP

Please note: You must use an FNB card when registering and paying for shipping in order for the discount to be applied.

Once you receive notifications from your supplier that the order has been shipped or even delivered, you login to aramex, select the package you want delivered and process payment, not forgetting to use the code above to get your discount…My first boxy charm was delivered to me with in 24hours of making my payment.

If you have any questions or comments I am glad to answer them based on my own experience thus far….


Happy shopping beauties 🙂


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  1. Hi there! Just wondering what you did when they asked you to upload an invoice, as I’m in the process and they’ve asked for an invoice. I’ve emailed boxycharm but they haven’t responded

    1. Hi … For boxycharm I dont take any action , I did also have to upload one for a purchase from amazon which is easier to find ….I have looked everywhere on the boxycharm website no invoice options, so if you just leave it in a few days the status will update to “Departed Operations facility – In Transit” …. I hope this helps 🙂

  2. I’m so confused please help!!!!!! I’ve already done my aramex, now at boxy charm checkout and they asking me for an american address??

    1. Hey , Login to your aramex account, then click on the “My Addresses” tab, just scroll down the list until you find one in America, mine is a New York address. Now go have the Boxycharm site open and in the address section (On Boxycharm) complete the address exactly as it is shown on the Aramex website, including the contact number aramex provides. And you’re done. If you have any other issues let me know I will try to email you screen shots instead

    1. well this month the boxy was R290.00 and shipping through aramex was R199.00 because they had an increase and th eshipping code from FNB doesn’t seem to be work anymore

    1. Not yet. There was one month where I was requested by customs to supply an import code but I contacted Aramex to advise I am not an importer, provided my ID and since I haven’t had any more issues. Please note though sometimes they will ask for your invoice, just keep your initial invoice and attach that along with a screen shot of the payment going off your statement for the relevant month. That is usually enough from my experience

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