June 2017 – MorpheMe Unboxing


Hey There! And welcome back… In my previous post I wrote about how to get subscription boxes delivered to you from anywhere in the world, and I have since subscribed to multiple boxes  ….

Let me first tell you how difficult it is to find these products in South Africa and the third party retailers here seem to mark up their prices so much, and I mean honestly it makes sense considering import costs and dealing with customs and then there are those possible customs charges as well so when all is said and done you might as well just purchase it from whoever imports them. What I find that these boxes offer me is a chance to test a lot of international brands at a fraction of the cost… If you are keen to find out how to go about signing up please check out that blog post here.

Morpheme – by Liveglam

So this “box” consists of makeup brushes by Morphe Brushes and costs $19.99 a month and you receive anywhere from 4-7 brushes in the bag every month. Depending on where you are in the world the price will obviously change monthly depending on the exchange rate at the time the payment is processed. For me this month was R260.00 which for the brushes we received is pretty reasonable.

We received the M444 brush , which retails on the Morphe brushes website for $12.99. This is the deluxe buffer brush. I have tried and it and even though this brush is so dense, the bristles are so soft, it blends my foundation so flawlessly and if you are looking for fuller coverage with a natural blend this brush is the one for you.

The next brush is the M460, this is a flat contour brush which retails for $9.99. This is just a flat contour brush, so if you’re all about the contour then I think you would enjoy this brush. Very soft and blends like a dream.

Then there is the M496, this one retails for $2.99 and is a duo lash fan brush, this one was a bit new to me and I wasn’t sure what to use it for but the description on the website says ” A multi-use brush, you can use it to apply mascara or to assist in the application of eyelash extensions.” Since I prefer a mascara wand I used it to apply my highlight to the bridge of my nose and I think its perfect to highlight the cupids bow.

Finally we have the M518 this is just blender brush for the eyes and let’s face it we all know we can never have too many blending brushes… There will always be a need for these :).

Have a be-U-tiful day! You’re worth it!


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