What are you willing to do for extra income?

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Happy February to you all. May this month be unusually short. Paycheck to paycheck is no longer my choice, I’m choosing better. If you’re in this boat, what are you willing to do for extra income?

This is what I am willing to do for that extra income. Take my chances on a side husle.

As of this week I am an Inuka member.

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Inuka Perfume

If I’m being honest, there are way to many Avon (I used to love their lipsticks btw) , Tupperware and honey consultants at my office. I was looking for something different, and I think I found it. If I happen to purchase any products for myself or even receive them for reaching targets (LOL, sales is not my thing at all). I would be happy to post unbiased reviews right here for you. And don’t worry I won’t lie to get sales, promise.

I am doing this post to invite you to like/follow my Inuka Facebook page. Please feel free to share with all your friends.

Any orders I receive in Johannesburg I can deliver depending on the location and proximity to me. Courier fees can be added if you prefer that option too.

While we’re talking courier, I can ship anywhere for you, I will provide a quote before I take your order though.

If you would like to join in and become a consultant I have more info on that for you too. Please leave me a comment or send me an email for the relevant information.

The perfumes seems to be a big hot my office. As my free gift I received the Lancôme La Vie Est belle. That’s what I’m currently testing. I will keep you posted.

Thank you in advance for liking the page and sharing the info.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone!!!!



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